The Lover – Update

THE LOVER – adapted for the Stage and co-directed by FLEUR DARKIN AND JEMIMA LEVICK is based on the novels by Marguerite Duras runs at the Royal Lyceum Edinburgh until 3rd February.

The desperation of a family set adrift in a foreign country when the head of the household dies and they are sold worthless land, underpins this dark coming of age tale. Like many ex-pat communities, they have divided loyalties. ‘We were all born here,’ Indo-China, Vietnam, the girl says several times. Born here, but not of here and therefore not an acceptable match in the eyes of her lover’s father.

The lover of the story is an only child and his wealthy father’s heir. He cannot find the strength to throw over his culture and marry his love.

The dancing from members of Scottish Dance Theatre was lyrical, sublime and frenetic as the script demanded. The voice soundtrack was occasionally inaudible in the Circle.

Leila Kalbassi’s set was a delight. Having been in a couple of eastern countries including Vietnam, as a tourist, I would have recognised the country from the set.

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