Theatre of Worship – two

The Christmas day service in my local church is a relaxed and joyous event – for the congregation. We sing traditional carols and there’s a children’s address: for our Minister, that’s the rub.

The children’s address mainly comprises an opportunity for the children to show off their favourite booty from Santa. Remember the warning NEVER APPEAR WITH CHILDREN OR ANIMALS.

Bet our Minister was wishing he’d thought more carefully about that this morning. Besides the usual cars, aliens, spiders (what is it about children, Christmas and spiders?) he found himself studying a Hexbugs centre. What is a hexbug and should the Church Officer take advice?

In addition, there was the child carrying a large plastic bottle of tomato ketchup. It was, he claimed, his favourite toy. He offered no further elucidation.

A wind-up (of the Minister, not of the ketchup bottle) or a family joke? Who knows. Like all good theatre, we left the Sanctuary with a question in mind.

2 thoughts on “Theatre of Worship – two

  1. I can imagine how the children just love sharing their excitement, Anne, even if the minister/priest is a bit hesitant to ooh and aah/ugh over their favourite gifts.

    • Hi Patricia, Season’s Greetings. Our Minister has a young son, so he’s used to children and not phased by much. We were all taken aback by the ketchup however. I do hope someone has found out the story… Anne

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