Leith’s Hidden Treasure: The Final Version

I promised in my earlier post to report back after I’d seen the final version of Laure Paterson’s: Leith’s Hidden Treasure.

The major surprise for me was the huge and delightful contribution made by four young actors and dancers from P6 of St Mary’s school. They were never far from proving the adage – Don’t appear with children or animals – as they sang skipping songs, practised the Highland fling, played peevers and tap danced.

Laure had drawn them effortlessly into the play and woven Janey Halliwell’s story into their childish gossip. Was it okay to include a child with a hole in her dress in their dancing display? It produced a work of great charm: just right to remember the local hospital by and to entertain an audience out to enjoy their local festival.

One of the problems of writing this kind of play, where the author has consulted widely and heard memories from a lot of people, is in finding a tight enough inner dramatic conflict. The contributors want to hear ‘their’ bit and in including all the ‘bits’ a certain dilution takes place.

Leith’s Hidden Treasure was an excellent production for its slot and Laure has the Genesis of a drama, another hidden treasure, should she decide to explore the lives of her nursing staff.

Run finished.

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