Playing Catch-up Democracy and others

Democracy by Michael Frayn is an enthralling play about the late Chancellor of Germany, Willy Brandt and the East German spy, Gunter Guillaume whose presence in¬†Brandt’s inner cabinet, the hat-stand man,¬†proved to be his downfall.

Democracy is at Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre again tonight 0131 529 6000 and is well worth catching. The all male cast is headlined by Tom Hodgkins as Brandt and Neil Caple as Guillaume. Frayn doesn’t stint on the frailties of the human spirit that are the main architects of Brandt’s eventual fall, but he doesn’t labour them either. Both actors turn in rounded performances depicting two men caught by the exigencies of time.

And why no opinions on Hard Times, Role Play and This Happy Breed – all Pitlochry – and Dundee Rep’s energising The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil?

A new book launched and the timing caught me a wee bit by surprise, so online marketing has taken up the computer hours. Courting the Countess takes Beauty and the Beast and turns it on its head. She’s scarred by fire and he’s Greek God Gorgeous. Will it work? Hope you have a kindle and you can find out for yourself.

The plays were great, by the way. Still time to get to Pitlochry.

Oct 1st Edinburgh King’s Theatre, then touring. Rapture Theatre