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Here’s a copy of an e-mail sent to Theatre Broad. Thanks, Sandy.

  I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the J.M. Barrie     Evening that you put on at the Tollbooth Theatre in Stirling on May10th. I     found the play concerning James Barrie and his alter-ego seriously thought     provoking and intellectually stimulating. In my opinion a brilliant piece of     work. Barrie’s two plays which followed were in comparison lighthearted and     amusing whilst managing to highlight the very serious issues which had     arisen in the first play. All superbly acted.  A well rounded     evening’s entertainment which left me feeling satisfied and     relaxed. Here’s to the next time!
Sincerely yours
Sandy Smith

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After a performance of M’Connachie & JMB in The Albert Halls, Stirling, Kitty Johnston sent the following opinion:
” a good command of Language and Voice; last night’s oeuvre proved no exception to your rule.  I thought you caught the Voices exceptionally well; there was no sense of femininity. It was two sides of a man, no question.”
 Thank you, Kitty.