About Me

I have always loved drama in all its forms. Friends from schooldays may remember being dragooned into back-green performances of short (probably mercifully short) sketches. My first performed script was in the hall of Pumpherston Primary School when I was eight. It was a thinly disguised re-write of Goldilocks and the Three Bears called The Magic Dumpling and my mother had to make a dumpling three days in a row before the staff found a slot in the timetable.

Moving on, I had a brief flirtation with acting at West Calder High School where the Head of English, Dr Lillian MacQueen produced Scots comedies, all three acts of Arms and the Man and, in my final year, the first act of JM Barrie’s Quality Street. How strange that my current touring play, M’Connachie & JMB, is about that giant of Scottish literature.

The site is a work in progress. Follow my blog – Write, Watch and Critique plays. There will be links into my writing world. There will be a catalogue.

As the house-lights dim, sit back, relax…

While playwriting is undoubtedly my first love, I do write other things, and a couple of snippets are posted below as a link from the Shortbread Short Stories website. Flash fiction is a popular medium probably reflecting the time pressures people live with. On the other hand I remember as a teenager being unimpressed by the amount of description in Walter Scott. Such presumption.