Fringing and other crafty pursuits (1)

The Christians by Lucas Hnath directed by Christopher Haydon was one of the plays opening the Travere Theatre’s 2016 Fringe programme before a sell-out audience in Trav 1.

Set in a huge church somewhere in the US, the play is about the crisis Pastor Paul brings down on his followers when he preaches a sermon telling them God has made him see everyone will go to Heaven. Yes, that includes not only the good but non-Christian, but also Hitler et al.

A sterling cast is led by William Gaminara and Stefan Adegbola and as we didn’t have a cast list (meanies going to the preview) we weren’t sure whether the cast was American or not. The accents held all the way through.

Hnath tackles the age-old issue of those who are not with us being against us, with care for the opinions of all and presents our human frailty in stark terms. Surely sacrifice in this life means reward in the next? And if we find those who didn’t sacrifice are also rewarded, then what was it all about?

Great performance, too, from the community choir. It must take hours of practice to ensure no one is moving in the same direction as their neighbour. Well done!

Run continues as part of the Traverse Fringe till August 30th. Get along and have your thoughts provoked. Oh, and it’s nearly 90 mins straight through – you know what I’m saying here.

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