Kill Johnny Glendenning by DC Jackson

Bad language, choreographed violence, sectarianism, non-pc themes, drugs… Kill Johnny Glendenning by DC Jackson, directed by Mark Thomson, has it all. But Auld Jim is very good to his mum. He even sleeps with her now that the farmhouse has only one bed.

If the script doesn’t get you, maybe the catering will. How many times do you re-use a tea-bag? Skootch hates the country and tea. Wannabe gangster’s bad manners or self-preservation tactics? Judge for yourself.

There are more plot twists than you can imagine possible and they’re all delivered in a script of sparkling wit and many laugh-out-loud one-liners. I puzzled over the reversed time-scale of Acts 1 and 2 as one is supposed to do. Stay with it. You will be rewarded.

Kill Johnny Glendenning is a superb opening for the Royal Lyceum’s winter and spring programme. I almost forgave them for the new start time of 7.30. Having enjoyed the extra fifteen minutes for over thirty years now, it’s a big ask.

Run continues till 11 October.

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