Cuckooed by Mark Thomas

Traverse One for Mark Thomas’s Cuckooed. It’s a sell-out, but that still doesn’t make the woman in the row in front share a fold-down seat with the young man next to her. Therefore, the whole half-row have to struggle to their feet and allow the last audience member to shuffle precariously along.

Come-on, people. You really are not as important as you think. Unreserved means just that. Get over it.

Okay, sorry about that. You’re here to hear about Cuckooed by Mark Thomas, directed by Emma Callender.

The first one-person play this fringe and it employs all the necessary technology and gadgetry required to get around the absence of cast. Filing cabinets open to reveal screens on which actors tell us about their feelings for and reactions to Martin. For Martin and his fall from grace are the subject matter.

The play is about data. Corporate spying. Infiltration of activist organisations. Loss of a friend. The arms trade.

It’s a cleverly realised script with elements of stand-up. It’s thought-provoking and hilarious. It’s engaging and disturbing. It’s this year’s must-see.

Traverse One until end of the fringe and then touring through October, November and December.

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