Spoiling John McCann

Spoiling at the Traverse and by John McCann takes the moment when Scotland’s new Foreign Secretary Designate is about to welcome her English counterpart, following a ‘Yes’ vote in the independence referendum.

Minister, played by Gabriel Quigley, is pregnant. She is also thought, by her unseen fellow party members to be seriously off-message. So they send her a ‘minder’ or ‘special adviser’ or ‘bully’. What are these young unelected folk who run the country actually called? And why do they use words like dispositive.

Richard Clements plays the Ulsterman, Henderson, who was out of there and whose Scottish accent wouldn’t be attractive. Henderson wasn’t ready for the new foreign minister designate, but he leaves a wiser man – for a ‘minder’, ‘special adviser’ ‘bully’, that is.

Full of wonderfully theatrical comedy and laced with thought-provoking one-liners, Spoiling is one to catch. I won’t tell you the spoiler. It’s so obvious and you so don’t think it, it takes the breath away.

Till 24th August, times vary. Traverse 2.

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