Liminal Terpsichore is an exciting new work and concept by recent graduate Rachel Lobban and four students at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in Dundee. It blends the costume creating artist’s work with the performers who will wear those patterns to interpret their musical score.

Lobban’s degree is in textiles and she exudes passion for theatrical design and costume in her work. Watching the designer at work creating patterns on moving bodies is such an interesting insight. How does the movement influence the artist? Or the music? Or the presence of an audience with its unspoken expectations?

Dancers Millie Daniel-Dempsey (choreographer), Maeve McGreevy, Jack Anderson and Glen McArtney were in constant movement. They brought a tristesse to their dancing which I found very touching adding to the vulnerability of their youth. Choreographing for four fit and athletic bodies in a small space is an added challenge, but Daniel-Dempsey rose to it with grace. The dancers were shown alone, together and in ensemble passages. They are, of course, lithe and supple so some almost acrobatic moves held the interest.

Rachel Lobban addressed the audience at two points and, if one might make a tiny criticism, needs to overcome her shyness. We, the audience, are with you so tell us confidently what we’re going to experience.

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Run ended.


  1. Enjoyed this very much too. The black and white outfits and paint were very effective and mesmerising in motion.

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