NaNoWriMo Update Everybody’s doing It

Participant 100x100 (2)     I’m not on target, but my NaNoWriMo is very nearly on target.

Highlights of NaNo include meeting lots of Edinburgh and Scottish writers I knew not of before.

A carriage full of lovely characters have been driven onto the screen by NaNo. They’ve been around since New voices 2011. I’m now hearing them talk – truly necessary for the way I write a play or a novel.

Today, I hope, the villain is going to slither from his hole. Who knows.

NaNoWriMo is all consuming – although life clearly gets in the way – now at 16,000 words.

I did make time to get to Tightlaced theatre’s double bill at the Storytelling Centre. Charlie & My ’45 by Robert Howat explored the exploitation of the young by war-mongering old men and the power hungry. A rather bleak exploration, but hit the mark for Remembrance week, I thought. The other play by Fiona McDonald, I Promise I shall Not Play Billiards, showed much writing promise. Using four actresses (yes, I’m unreconstructed – they were women) to good dramatic effect to explore a divided personality, McDonald re-told the story of Madeleine Smith. Perhaps relied a little heavily on what the audience would know about the girl found Not Proven of the murder of her lover/paramour/friend, but overall interst holding. Debbie Cannon’s performance as the baddie stood out for me. Titles are important and this play’s was counter-productive for me. Tightlaced theatre are bringing great productions to the Story Telling theatre.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update Everybody’s doing It

  1. What a range of productions you get to see, Anne. There is nothing quite like a live performance. Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I would never have the stamina. I decided this year to aim for an article per day, either written or edited. Not really hitting that target although several have been completed, edited and submitted. Much quicker than I would normally have done. Maybe hit the two per week mark over the month.I don’t even have the excuse I have been to the theatre.

  2. Hi Ann, thanks for dropping by. Don’t think I’ll get to 50,000, but will be much further on than I would have been. Good luck with the articles. Anne

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