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Writing a novel in a month – not possible? Everybody’s doing it.

Everybody’s writing novels, or would like to write novels, or has a novel in them. Some novels you read look as if they were written in a month and never re-visited before hitting the shelves.

I’ve tried writing a novel in a month myself. Radio Scotland ran events in Februarys – that time of the year when you do need a kick start – and I tried my hand. It was energising. So I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo in order to push up the word count on my second novel.

What’s this? Second? Yes, everybody’s doing it. Even me.

Lovely MuseItUp of Canada are to e-publish my first novel in Mayish time, 2013. There will be further details…

Back to the present. I may update my progress here from time to time, but on the other hand, November has its own pressures in my family. It, lack of progress, may be too embarrassing.

On the subject of plays. I did see The Guid Sisters. Even now, I find it hard to describe the disappointment. Where was the plot? I stayed to the end, but I’ve spoken to people who simply couldn’t. I do so hope A Midsummer Night’s Dream is going to be better. Please.

Later in the month, writing permitting, I’m hoping to catch Tight-Laced Theatre’s new production at The Story-Telling Centre in Edinburgh. More from Robert Howat, Charlie & My ’45 together with Fiona McDonald’s I Promise I shall Not Play Billiards. Box Office 0131-556 9579  Check out Robert’s FB page for a smouldering hero to challenge James Bond.

Write a novel in a month – go on – everybody’s doing it.

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