My novelist friend, Janice Horton, has asked for spells to mark the publication of her new Novella: How do You Voodoo.

Spelling, in the more conventional sense is something I try hard over for this blog. Spelling, in any other sense, is alien. However, in the spirit of Janice’s blogging party my Spell for you to try at home (NOT) is as follows:

Ye Most Moderne Receipt for Causing Directors to Reply to Submissions of Great Plays

Step ONE Write a great play

Step TWO Stash it with a kipper in the glove compartment of the director’s wife’s/husband’s car

Step THREE Ask if they’ll take you back at the day job.

Janice’s website is at: http://janicehortonwriter.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/its-only-one-more-week.html

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