Superlatively good. Jane Austen as she never wrote and you never read. The company take the quiet humour of her observational comedy and twist through several degrees until the whole audience is roaring with laughter.

The cast are keen to have the audience interact and ask for title suggestions of the book JA didn’t write in order that they may improvise a play from them. Out of the basket comes Pride and Prejudice and one or two others until they settle on – today’s choice.

From there on the cast’s sound performances and mutual confidence move the story forward at break-neck speed. Comedic timing makes the one-liners sparkle, but the actors bring light and shade to the problem of living in your own time when you’re not of your own time.

Happy Ending.

Aug 2- 13, 15-26 at 13.30 (1h) The Counting House, West Nicholson St. Free (donations if desired at end)


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