Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Creatives always have a WIP, don’t they? Except that having told you all about the wonderful opportunity presented by Oran Mor/Channel 4, the brain has locked down.

Happens a lot and I have to wonder whether it’s a fear of success. Well, I’m not admitting to a fear of failure!

I spent the weekend at Penrith Newton Rigg Campus of the University of Cumbria where I was a delegate at the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s annual conference. Yep, I’m not waiting around to make my fortune from playwriting, but trying other fields too. Writing conferences are great for allowing you to mingle with the big names who produce and the big names who buy. It’s also a time-out-of-time when the brain can work in free-fall without the spectre of your usual responsibilities getting in the way.

Did I come back with an idea for 50 minutes of stage time featuring not more than three characters?


However, being de-briefed by my husband on his weekend, I found the idea I need. At least I think I have.


Will keep you updated.

What am I watching? Now off to buy my ticket for Robert Howat and Tight-Laced’s production of the Three Hagstanes. 3pm at the Scottish Story-telling Centre, High Street Edinburgh, Sunday 22nd July. Myth and greed. Sounds just right for the current summer weather.

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  1. Hi Myra, it was a great weekend. I’ve been catching up on other folk’s photgraphs and appreciating the sunshine all over again.

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