On Barrie’s Boards

There was an undoubted frisson to bringing M’Connachie & JMB to The Theatre Royal in Dumfries. Did our line about schoolboy dramatics in Dumfries cause a stir in the other place JMB was so fond of? It certainly caused a nervous laugh among the audience.

The theatre is small and intimate with a very good acoustic. The audience welcomed us and the evening went well.

I made a tiny pilgrimage to Moat Brae House on Saturday morning where an Arts Festival bus obscured the frontage a bit. Sadly, it was still possible to see the depredations time has brought to a magnificent building. Dumfries has many lovely buildings – but doesn’t anyone know a gutter clearing operator? I can’t remember seeing so many unplanned roof gardens.

Enjoyed the local museums and found the grave of my husband’s paternal great grandparents. Ate good food and, Fanfare here, stayed in the Glenalder House B&B which is next door to Barrie’s brother’s house in Victoria Terrace. Scotland’s small world syndrome in overdrive.

One final performance of this tour in Livingston on Tuesday 5th June at 7.30

Howden Park Centre tickets 01506 777 666

Come again to learn about the two hander that’s going out for consideration. And if you want to hear Vicky Featherstone in conversation before she leaves the National theatre of Scotland find an event here:


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